• Do you have questions on how to reconcile your Christian faith with your beliefs about science, politics, economics, or caring for the environment?
  • Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what Godly dominion over creation looks like?
  • Are you concerned about increasing government control over every aspect of our daily lives?
  • Has your church or child’s school been influenced by the unbiblical worldview of secular environmentalism?

If any of these questions apply to you, I hope you will find solid Biblical resources on this website.

About Me

Max McGuire

I’m Max McGuire, a Scripturalist and a Reformed Libertarian, and I am passionate about learning and sharing what the Bible teaches concerning science, economics, and politics, and how these apply to the environmental debate.

As a libertarian, I am an ardent defender of private property rights, the free market, and limited government.

As a resident of Portland, Oregon (a hotbed of sustainability initiatives and radical environmentalism) my entire life, I have seen firsthand the destruction of private property rights and individual freedoms caused by unnecessary government planning and regulation, much of it in the name of saving the environment.

My Beliefs

I believe that modern environmentalism has become a full-blown competing worldview to Christianity, complete with its own theology and philosophy that directly contradict Scripture.

I also believe that Christianity and freedom are inextricably linked, and so in order to defend freedom, we must defend Christianity against the philosophical and theological attacks of the environmental movement.

Unfortunately many Christian educators have failed to do this.  In fact, many have succumb to the naturalistic philosophies of environmentalism and are unwittingly carrying out the dangerous agenda of the environmental movement.

My Hope for This Site

I hope that my blog will be a resource to help others understand Christianity as a complete system of truth, that encompasses all thought, and especially thoughts about the Biblical roots of political and economic freedom.  The roots of environmentalism are pagan, and they lead to tyranny.  It is only once we arm ourselves with the truth of God’s Word that we can fend off the attacks of the environmental movement, or any other philosophy or political movement that seeks to raise itself above the knowledge of God.

Do I fear that God’s sovereign control over the world is at stake?  Not in the least.  But I don’t want it said, a century from now, that I didn’t do my best, successful or not, to prevent the rise of pagan global tyranny.  I hope you don’t want that said of you, either.

             Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, The Coming Pagan Utopia