Do You Want to Live in a World Where?


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Do you want to live in a world where environmentalists determine:[1]

  • Whether you will drive the large, luxurious, and safe car that you prefer or the small, less comfortable, and more dangerous car that they prefer?
  • Or whether you will even drive at all, or take public transport, or walk, or ride a bike?
  • The temperature at which you set your thermostat?
  • What kind of light bulb you will use?
  • What type of insulation you will have in your home?
  • How much air flow there is in and out of your home?
  • Whether you will use disposable or cloth diapers?
  • Whether you will use plastic or cloth grocery bags?
  • Whether you will use nuclear or fossil fuels, or expensive wind or solar energy?
  • Whether you will eat organic or non-organic foods?
  • Whether you will eat meat or vegetables?
  • Whether you will eat a wide variety of delightful and helpful foods that are transported to us from all around the world, or just those foods that grow within 25-50 miles from where you live?
  • How many children you will have?
  • Or if you will have any children at all?


I certainly don’t want to live in a world like this, and I would guess you don’t either.

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[1] Beisner, E. Calvin. Resisting the Green Dragon: Session 10 – The Move Toward a Global Government. Rec 2010. The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. DVD.